National Championships are coordinated by Ag Shows Australia (ASA)

The Agricultural Shows of Australia National Competitions Working Group in conjunction with the Queensland National Competitions Organising Committee held a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 20th July to discuss the current situation in relation to conducting the National Championships scheduled to be conducted in conjunction with the 2021 Royal Queensland Show (Ekka).

The increasing uncertainty around the ability of interstate competitors and officials to attend the National Championships, the joint committee decided unanimously that it was not possible to proceed with the 2021 campaign in the current location. There will therefore be no National Championships at Ekka this year.

The QLD State Young Judges and Paraders competition will continue as normal at The Ekka this year.

Given the fact that there is a duty of care when conducting the competitions, the following points were identified as being the major contributors to the decision:

  • Uncertainty around the ability of interstate competitors to attend or return home due to current and evolving border restrictions without significant impost
  • Concern for physical and mental wellbeing of competitors due to the continued uncertainty around the COVID situation.
  • Financial impact because of the evolving situation for competitors, states and organising committees.

The decision was based on an objective assessment of the factors likely to impact the competition and in no way reflects the preparations that had been undertaken. Acknowledgement was made of the significant effort that had been put in by the organisers to ensure that the competition could be offered however it was agreed that circumstances had overtaken this effort and their extent could not have been realistically predicted.

The joint committee recognised that there were several options that could still provide an opportunity to hold the competitions in a changed location at a later date. The joint committee will reconvene on 6th August to consider these options. The result of these deliberations will be conveyed to all parties in a timely manner.

State Winners of Queensland Ag Shows Young Judges and Parders Competitions (specific competitions mentioned below) qualify to compete in the following years National Champtionships. Other States and Countries in the National Championships Competitions are New South Wales, New Zealand, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia. 

Competitions in the National Championships are outlined below – 

  • National ASA Beef Cattle Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Dairy Cattle Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Merino Sheep Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Merino Fleece Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Meat Breeds Sheep Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Alpaca Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Poultry Young Judges Championship 

  • National ASA Beef Cattle Young Paraders Championship 

  • National ASA Dairy Cattle Young Paraders Championship 

2021 National Finals QUEENSLAND Competitors

Meat Sheep JudgesGeorgiaLee
Merino Sheep JudgesWillHacker
Merino Fleece JudgesWillHacker
Stud Cattle JudgesMackenzieLeeson
Stud Cattle ParadersMayaThrelfall
Dairy Cattle JudgesLokaManu
Dairy Cattle ParadersThomasWade
Poultry JudgesMichaelEnglish
Rural AmbassadorMylesNewcombe
Justin Matthews, Nathan Trace, Kait Schultz, Bri Hockey, Christie McLennan and Jack Murphy
Monica Skerman, Lachlan Munro, Jed Morrison, Estelle Drynan
Tenneal Prebble, runner-up Meat Sheep Judge