A Manoeuvre Stilt Performers and The Mask Family

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MANOEUVRE is Queensland’s elite non-verbal roving stilt performance company providing acts for 32 years to School Fetes’, Product Launches, Shopping Centres, Community Events, Festivals, Parades and Corporate Events to over 50 million audience members, across 15 countries. These highly trained dancers & physical theatre stilt performers strut, loop and dance through the crowd, at a height of over 2.5m above the audience stimulating imagination’s, inspiring joy and providing engaging non-verbal interaction for audiences of all sizes. Our performers can walk on uneven ground, duck under doorways, travel in lifts and walk short distances in lower clearance areas including up and down hills and beaches!

THE MASK FAMILY are a suite of full face, non-verbal, accessible, inclusive and magical roving mask theatre acts that connect directly to the heart. They are a heart-warming exploration of the joy of the human interaction – and the incredible power of how a simple act of kindness, and authentic connection, can transform a person’s life. Highly visual, interactive, non-intrusive and non-language dependent, this unique form of roving theatre transcends barriers of age, language and culture. Completely covered in costume from head to toe, this act is perfect for social distancing and COVID safe plan approved.

Contact Artistic Director, Clint Bolster, for a friendly chat and quote that will match your entertainment budget.

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