Meritorious Award

Meritorious Awards are presented to those individuals who have made a long and outstanding contribution to their community through voluntary service with  their Local Show, Sub Chamber or Chamber.  Usually this award is reserved for those that have already received acknowledgement at the local level and have continued to volunteer and contribute effectively for the community.


Meritorious Award Nomination Form
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    • A nominee must be a financial or honorary member of an Agricultural Society affiliated with the Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. (A Life Member of an Agricultural Society is eligible to be nominated). 
    • A nominee must meet at least one of the following three additional requirements to qualify for nomination:-
    • currently actively involved in, or recently secluded from participating in activities organised by an Agricultural Society.
    • holds or has held an Executive position, a responsible Sectional position, or assisted in any capacity.
    • has made a significant voluntary contribution to benefit an affiliated Show Society.


    A Delegate from the Sub-Chamber, of which the Agricultural Society is a member, is to confirm the nomination of the proposed nominee. 

    The names and addresses of two referees are to be provided on the nomination form, and  a written account is required from both referees describing their reasons for referencing this person. 

    The President or Secretary is to sign the relevant Nomination Form. 

    The Queensland Chamber of Agricultural Societies Inc. reserves the right to reject or defer any nomination submitted.


    1999Lorraine Fisher BemRedcliffe Show Society
     1999Margaret Isabella BellChinchilla A & P Society
     1999Laraine MillerIpswich Show Society
    1999Keith Douglas BettridgeAlpha Show Society
    1999Peter Nason PorterCallide Valley Agricultural & Pastoral Society Inc.
    1999David John Dodds OAMInnisfail & District Show Society
    1999William Eric HoskinsInnisfail & District Show Society
    1999Leonard George LittleToogoolawah D A & I Assn.
    1999George PerkinsInnisfail & District Show Society
    1999Cora HauslerOakey A P & R Society Inc.
    1999Peter Payne
    1999Bruce Maxwell Payne
    2000Elvie MuntCooyar Agricultural Society
    2000Kevin (Tex) EmeryEmerald Show Society
    2000Gordon Charles RickerttClermont Rodeo and Show Society Inc.
    2000Don LongbottomCallide Valley Agricultural & Pastoral Society Inc.
    2000Robert James PinkAtherton Agricultural Show Society
    2000Colin HigginsGatton Show Society Inc.
    2000Arthur Thomas McDonaldRockhampton Agricultural and Citizens Show Society Inc
    2000Alma Lilla (Monnie) RaymontGatton Show Society Inc.
    2001Leonard Morton WagnerMt Perry Show Society
    2001Ray (Silver) ReynoldRockhampton Agricultural and Citizens Show Society Inc
    2001Cecil Charles EtwellMackay & District Agricultural P & I Assn. Inc.
    2001Ruth Edna ThompsonNanango A P & M Society Inc.
    2001Douglas Robert EdgertonInnisfail & District Show Society Inc.
    2001Neil Alexander EvansGatton Show Society Inc.
    2001Alleyn WattInnisfail & District Show Society Inc.
    2001Alisa EvansMurgon P A & H Society Inc.
    2001Eugene EisenmengerMurgon P A & H Society Inc.
     2001Dudley Albert TaylorTully & District Show Society Inc.
    2002Milford Franics FinlaySarina Show Society Inc.
    2002Doris Mary PlathSarina Show Society Inc.
    2002Alex LoganGatton Show Society Inc.
    2003Clive GordonNorth Queensland Sub-Chamber
    2004Graham RaynerWest Moreton & Brisbane Valley Sub-Chamber
    2004Kevin McKeeToogoolawah D A & I Assn. Inc.